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Gail Teigeiro

Vice President

Owner and Vice President of Specialty Products, Gail’s father was the founder of Candy SPI and is known as the Candy Man. Gail has been a part of the candy and confections industry her entire life, and attended the Sweets & Snacks and Fancy Food Shows for many decades. First as a child and then as an adult, still the allure of the industry is one she continues to be passionate about. The faces and business have changed through the years, however her love for culinary and this industry only continues to grow. This was a successful business in the early 60's and through innovation, tenacity, dedication, and teamwork it continues to blossom and grow year after year. We are three generations strong and thriving in a world that so desperately needs a sprinkling of sugar. Let our team bring you and your team a little sugar and spice and everything nice!