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Jose Teigeiro

President, WI Sales Consultant & National Accounts

President and owner of Specialty Products (CandySPI) we all have a history that makes us who we are today. My degree and early professional experience had nothing to do with the candy industry. However, things have a way of happening and my education and experience have allowed me to build what CandySPI is today. My words have meaning, and my objectives have purpose, and after several decades in this role have proven time and time again what works. I am a forward thinker always piecing things together to create solutions for my team and our customers. I work with customers that I've had the pleasure of knowing and growing with for many years, and major partners balancing the fast-moving industry we play in. Simply put I am a well-networked Sales Executive within the Confections & Specialty Foods industries, and manage a portfolio of national and international brands. Use my experience and network to your benefit, let me know what you have in mind.